Digital Edition: SKRAWL #2 Comix Magazine

Digital Edition: SKRAWL #2 Comix Magazine

This is for the DIGITAL Edition of SKRAWL #2. After purchase, you will be emailed a link to download your copy of the magazine.

80 pages, full colour, US Magazine size.

SKRAWL is a comic anthology magazine featuring professionals and up-and-comers from the UK's comic scene. SKRAWL 2 will feature sequential strips from all The SKRAWLLORDZ , who are 🐩 Mark Hughes, Russell Mark Olson, Nick Prolix, Martin Simpson, Pete Taylor, and Gustaffo Vargas 🐩 and additional material from their guests.

Lined up for SKRAWL #2 is David Rubín (Cosmic Detective, Rumble), Dan McDaid (Dega, Dr Who Magazine), Anna Readman (Metallic Dynamite), Norm Konyu (The Junction) and Jordan Thomas (Weird Work, Frank at Home on the Farm). Editorial Legend Shelly Bond (Filth & Grammar) is the subject of the Big SKRAWL interview and Leah Moore (Morrison Hotel) and Owen Sherwood (The Incredible Flight of Tony Featherneck) will provide the mag with an illustrated short story.